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University and Scholarship Application Resources


Dear NYJCian, congratulations on receiving your A level Results. Below are some important resources to aid you in your journey in applying for universities and scholarships. Many of the resources below can also be found in the NYJC ECG Portal.

University application

Application Deadline

Deadline for application is 19 Mar 2020 for all the local autonomous universities, 20 Mar 2020 for Yale-NUS.

How to Apply

Application is done via online forms on the undergraduate admissions website of each individual university.

You are encouraged to apply to ALL universities concurrently to increase your chances of success. After application, you may get multiple offers, out of which you can accept only one.

Make sure you apply to university scholarships/financial aid concurrently in the online forms.

Typical application process

3rd week of Feb

3rd week Feb to mid- Mar

Mid-Mar – May

May to Jun

Jun to Aug

Release of

A-level results

Open Houses

Application period

Apply to each university individually


Selection Tests

Offer & Acceptance (Common portal)


Offer & Acceptance



Commencement of studies

·        NUSAdmissions
·        NTUAdmissions
SMU Admissions
Yale-NUSAdmissions AND refer to this student guide (click here) for the internal school procedures and deadlines

For students interested in applying to Medicine:

Application information: NTU LKCSoM     NUSYLLSoM    Moreinformation

Students who are keen to be attached to a senior who can clarify the questions that they have regarding medicine and medical school, please sign up here.

Digital Certificate for Application to Local Autonomous Universities

Starting from this year, all A-Level candidates, who are Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents, will receive digital certificates in OpenCerts format. These certificates will be available on MySkillsFuture’s Skills Passport from 24 February 2020. If you have SingPass, you can access and submit your digital certificates electronically to the Universities that you are applying to.

For international students, you may send your request for a digital certificate via email to

All school candidates who apply to the local AUs (except Yale-NUS) online do not need to submit a copy of their A-Level certificates. Due to the Covid-2019 situation, the local AUs will also make alternative arrangements for any assessment for admissions if applicants cannot be physically present. 

Factors to consider when selecting your university course

Subject pre-requisites

You should access the admissions websites of the universities to check the course pre-requisites. Some courses may require a selection test or interview.

Besides considering your H2 subjects, you will need to consider many factors like curriculum content etc. Please access this

Rank Point (UAS) calculation

To gauge if you meet the minimum IGP for each course, you need to compare your rank points (UAS) against the 10% percentile IGP for the course. Please note that meeting the previous year’s grade of a course does NOT guarantee admission to that course for the next year. 

·        NUS IGP 

·        NTU IGP

To calculate your rank points or convert the IGP to rank points, you can use this calculator.


You will need teacher references if you are applying for scholarships / medicine / aptitude-based admission / SUTD / Yale-NUS.

Invitation deadline

The application deadline is 19/20 Mar which falls during March holidays (14 – 22 Mar). Teachers may not be contactable during holidays.

Invite your teachers at least 1 week before you submit your application so as to give your teacher ample time to write the reference. Since the application deadline is 19 Mar, the latest date to invite teachers is 12 Mar. For Yale-NUS, invite your teachers by 1 Mar.

Invitation process

When you invite your teacher to be your referee, please inform your teacher of the following:

·      Which course and which university you are applying to
Why you wish for this particular teacher to write your reference
The date which you intend to submit your application (This is important as teachers will only have 3 days to 1 week to complete the referral after you submit the application)

After inviting teacher,

·      Download the university pre-applicationreflection form available on resource page, fill it in and email your teacher referee within 1 week. The information you provide will greatly aid your teacher in writing a reference for you.
For NUS and NTU scholarship/aptitude-based admissions: Send your teacher the link to the reference submission portal immediately after submitting your application form.
For the rest of the universities, there should be an automated email link sent directly to your teacher after you submit the application form. Please ask your teacher to check their spam folder if they do not receive the link.

ECG Advice

For any advice, feel free to approach any of your tutors. 

To speak with the Career Coach, Ms Saira, please make an appointment with her using this form.

Alternatively, ECG Counselling is available from 14 - 28 Feb via moe_ecg@moe.gov.sg or phone: 6831 1420. 

To speak with the Career Education Subject Head, please email Ms Celine Leow at leow_kiat_peng_celine@moe.edu.sg

MOE has released a set of ECG slides for students and parents. The slides cover

-         What to do after receiving your results
Options after A levels
Support for students
Parent’s role in supporting their child

Please access here.


Higher Education 

In view of the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, all the Open Houses are either cancelled or conducted online. Please access the links below to view the digital Open Houses or relevant resources.


Date(s) of Open House, if any




26 Feb – 5 Mar



29 February

Virtual Open House
Link to NTU app (
iOS, Android)
Programme information


29 Feb - 1 Mar

Virtual Open House


22 February onwards

SUTD Digital Open House
UG Programme Brochures

Live chat sessions
, where you may also connect with SUTD students
Campus Immersion Programme

Enquiry form


9 - 13 Mar

Discovery Day
SIT Degree Handbook
Engineering Cluster Brochure
Chemical Engineering and Food Technology Cluster Brochure

Infocomm Technology Cluster Brochure

Health and Social Sciences Cluster Brochure

Design and Specialised Businesses Cluster Brochure

Higher Education Guide for parents, teachers and ECG counsellors.


14 Mar
9.00 am – 10.30 am

Information Sessions



Explore possible careers using MySkillsFuturePortal.

If you have issues logging in, please email Ms Siow Yunjie at siow_yun_jie@moe.edu.sg 

ECG Portal

For more information on local admissions, please visit NYJC’s ECG Portal.

If you are unable to log in, please email Ms Celine Leow at leow_kiat_peng_celine@moe.edu.sg
When you email Ms Leow, please inform her of your name and class.

You can find the following information in the portal. 

Under EDubuzz

·        Application links to local universities
Summary of subject pre-requisites
Indicative grade profiles of NUS, NTU and SMU
Links to scholarship providers
Tips to interview preparation and personal statement writing

Under EDvice

·        Links to the alumni network i.e. a group of seniors who are able to advise you on the university course that you are interested in.
Links to career exploration websites

Scholarship Application

For more information, please also refer to Scholarship matters for graduates2020.
Access here for more information for SgIS Scholarship
and ESG Scholarship.

With regard to scholarship matters, please send Mr Chng Yongxi an email with your questions.