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Life at NYJC

10 Reasons why NYJC would be your #1 choice

Reason 1: 8:30
At NYJC, morning assemblies are at 8:30, Monday - Friday. That means you can sleep a little more and not rush with the crowd if you are not down for lessons at 7:30am.

Reason 2: Accessibility
We are confident of being one of the most accessible junior colleges in Singapore. Lorong Chuan MRT station is only a 2-min sheltered walk away, Bishan and Serangoon MRT stations are only a 3-min ride away and we still have 13 direct bus services that would bring you from different parts of the island to us. NYJC is not only a popular choice among students but also other organisations as a choice venue for their activities and events.

Reason 3: Our Campus
We love our campus. It is bright (not glaring) and it is breezy (well ventilated). It is aesthetically pleasing (enhanced by the artworks of our AEP students) and it is bursting with energy (with exciting lunch time programmes and new initiatives by different student groups). And we are always guaranteed of pleasant surprises (e.g. revamped library, high elements structure) after every long vacation.

Reason 4: > 60
With more than 60 different subject combinations , we must be one of the more flexible colleges (if not the most) in offering our students choices. It is important that students take into consideration their strengths, passion and ambition in mind when choosing their course of study and new students can always turn to their seniors and teachers for advice.

Reason 5: Value-added Results
We are serious in our work and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our programmes, to upgrade our facilities and to strenghten our relationships so that we are not just providers of a curriculum but also fellow partners in our students’ success in their lives. The college has been a proud recipient of the Value-Added Awards for both academic and non-academic achievements every year since 2007.

Reason 6: Happy Staff
The college places strong emphasis on the well-being and development of our staff. The college was presented the Best Practice Award for staff well-being (2009 – 2015). Why is this important to prospective students? Well, we believe that a happy working environment will lead to greater commitment and innovation and that is what we have in our college.

Reason 7: A Wide Range of Co-Curricular Activities
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. ‘Dull’ is not what you will use to describe life at NYJC. CCAs are very important to most, if not all, students. We offer a wide range of sports, aesthetics, clubs and societies to cater to the different needs and interest. We also allow students to initiate their own interest groups and we have seen successful formation of J-Fire (promoting Japanese Art and Culture), Korzy (the Korean counterpart of J-Fire), Guitar Ensemble and Chess Club.

Reason 8: Quality Programmes for Holistic Development
Besides a strong instructional programme, the college also designs comprehensive and unique programmes like MSLO (Managing Self Leading Others), CharacterPlus, Multi-tier Leadership Development and Scholars Development, to train our students in lifeskills and equip them with the 21st century core competencies so that they are well prepared for the future workforce.

Reason 9: In Tune with the World
With increasing connectedness, we need to be acutely aware of all that is happening around us, both in Singapore and the rest of the world. In NYJC, we have different committees dedicated to raise students' appreciation of their roles in society and to encourage them to initiate good works to make the world a better place. Some of these committees are the Civic Literacy and Citizenship Committee, Green Committee, International Service-learning Expedition Committee and the Local Service-learning Committee.

Reason 10: We Love NYJC
From making decisions on course of study to initiating their own service-learning projects, NYJCians are empowered to shape their own NY experience. So what is there not to love about NYJC ?