Robotics Club

Nanyang Junior College Robotics Club gathers students who have strong interest in various types of robotic games like the robo-racer, Lego robots and micromouse. Instead of engaging external trainers, the members adopt a peer-teaching and self-directed learning approach: the experienced seniors sharing their skills and the members picking up different strategies from other players when sparring with them.

The club has been doing well competing in events such as “The Singapore Robotic Games”, “The Robo Grand Prix” and “The National Junior Robotic Competition (NJRC)”. Since its establishment in 2005, the club has consistently secured the top prizes in competitions. To-date, the club has won nine champions and thirteen 1st runner-ups in less than eight years of the club history. In 2013, the club came in 3rd in the world in the high school category in the “Vex Robots Skills 2013” and was invited to represent Singapore in the final round that was held in United States. The club also came in 2nd in NJRC Best Robot Performance in the tertiary category. Hence, the club represented Singapore in the “NJRC World Robotics Olympiad” in Jakarta in the senior category.

Besides participating in competitions, the club is also actively involved in college activities. Members of the club teach their college mates basic skills in designing and making LED circuit at the college’s Life Skills Workshops.

The club welcomes students who are interested in learning robot programming and enjoy competing and interacting with other robot players from tertiary institutions. The practices are held every Wednesday from 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm.

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