An introduction to Soccer and the way in which the game is played is probably not necessary here. After all, it is the world’s most popular sport, appealing to the vast majority, whether young or old.

The NYJC Soccer team believes in striving together to achieve a common goal – to attain results and bring pride and glory to the school. The game of soccer is all about teamwork. Our team is a closely-knit one where everyone makes an effort to bring about a happy and fun atmosphere, thus fostering great camaraderie. We also share a common but very important motto which is to always put the team before self.

The team members have had many values instilled in us by our coach, Tan Sio Beng and teachers-in-charge. Determination and diligence are the core values that have helped us tremendously throughout our journey, especially during the ‘A’ Division matches where competition is extremely keen.

Our training is usually held thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5.30pm, but reduced during off-season and examination periods. With the new synthetic field, an excellent facility, the team members enjoy fruitful training sessions, as well as a good time outside the classroom.

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