Are you game for a fast-paced game of strategic moves and great display of one’s techniques? Then join Squash!!

Squash developed from at least five other games involving racquets/gloves, and balls and has roots in the early 1500s in France. Squash, with its element of hitting balls against walls, was for individual entertainment. Different from other sports, Squash requires more independent skills rather than teamwork. In a court, there will only be 2 players: you and your opponent. 3 pieces of equipment are required to get the game started: The squash racket, squash ball and the eye gear. Well, of course, one would need a wall from which the ball could bounce.

The NYJC squash team trains every Monday and Friday from 5pm to 7pm and Wednesday from 3pm to 5pm during term time. Our training consists of 3 different aspects: Skill training, Drills and Physical training. After training, players can play squash related games such as Kings or 1 on 1 challenge. There are also several friendly matches held between schools. Our coach is Mr. Rhamanan, who was an ex-National players and a very experienced coach.

So if you love to "Hit and Run"... Come join Squash!

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