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Chinese Department

The Chinese Department runs the Chinese Language Elective Programme and Mother tongue courses

Chinese Language Elective Programme

Introduced by the Ministry of Education in 1990, the Chinese Language Elective Programme (CLEP) focuses on nurturing the language talent of students who have an aptitude for the Chinese language so that they can attain a high level of proficiency and enhance their understanding of Chinese literature. The programme also aims to develop academically able students to become effectively bilingual so as to better serve the needs of our nation. 

The duration of the programme is two years. All CLEP students must offer H2 Chinese Language & Literature at A level. In addition, CLEP students must offer another CL-related subject, such as H1 General Studies in Chinese, H1 China Studies in Chinese, H2 China Studies in Chinese, H2 Translation (Chinese) and H3 Chinese Language and Literature.

The programme encourages students to cultivate a deeper interest in Chinese Language and culture, and provides a wide range of enrichment activities such as literary lecture series, camp, immersion trips (PRC or Taiwan), editing and publishing of literary works, internships and school- based projects to enhance the students' learning.

To qualify for the programme, students must obtain at least

·        Grade B3 in Higher Chinese (HCL) or

·        Grade B4 in HCL and B3 in Literature in Chinese (Full or Elective) or

·        Grade A2 in Chinese (CL) 

in the GCE O level examination.

H1 Chinese Language and H2 Chinese Language & Literature

H1 China Studies in Chinese

H1 Malay Language

H1 Malay Language aims to reinforce the basic language skills that students have acquired in secondary schools. Students are assessed on their ability to use standard Malay language, both oral and written, to express ideas and facts effectively. They are also expected to be able to respond appropriately and clearly to a given text and be competent in grammar and vocabulary.

The H1 Malay language examination consists of two papers, namely, Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1 :
Language (Essay, Use of Language, Comprehension and Summary)

This 3-hour paper consists of two parts.
Part 1 : Composition
Candidates are required to write an original essay of length not less than 300 words on one of the four given questions. Candidates are allowed to use a dictionary for this part of the paper.

Part 2 : Use of Language, Comprehension and Summary
This section contains five questions. Candidates are required to answer all questions.

Paper 2 : Oral and Listening Comprehension
This paper consists of two components : Oral and Listening Comprehension

For the Oral Examination, candidates are required to:

·         read a text excerpt of about 200 words

·         talk about a given topic

For the Listening Comprehension, candidates will:

·         listen to a recording of either news , dialogues, essays or short stories and then answer ten multiple-choice questions ( MCQ ) related to the recording.

H2 Malay Language and Literature

Malay Language & Literature is a subject that provides students with exposure beyond the various genres of literary texts used:

• Learning about the literary background of the local, regional or global community that will enhance students' understanding of the culture and the attitudes of society.

• Gaining insights into the culture, value system and point of view of the world or the world view of a society, aimed at increasing students’ global understanding and broadening their horizons.

• Developing students socially in thinking, character or personality.

Malay Language & Literature covers:

 1.Language Aspect (Paper 1 & Paper 2)

Topics include broad themes like global and regional issues and trends, society, culture, national issues, et cetera.

2. Literature Component (Paper 3)

Literature texts that will be used:

1. Novel - Restu

2. Short Stories – Anthology of Begitulah Kata-kata (Students will be analysing 6 short stories)

3. Poems - Anthology of Begitulah Kata-kata (Students will be analysing 10 poems)

4. Drama - Anthology of Begitulah Kata-kata (Students will be analysing 3 dramas)

Tamil Language

H1 Level

H1 Tamil Language has been designed to reinforce the basic language skills students have acquired in secondary schools. In the revised syllabus introduced in 2013, there is greater emphasis on oral and aural skills, as well as reading skills.

There are two components in this paper:

·         A written component that comprises essay writing and tests on items such as comprehension and summary writing, vocabulary, cloze passage, idioms, synthesis and transformation.

·         An oral and listening comprehension paper that comprises conversation and listening comprehension items.

H1 Tamil does not count as a contrasting subject

Chinese Department Members

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Tan Choon Yan 
HOD (Chinese) 
 Chen Yan Tong 
Subject Head (MTL)
Goh Mui Lien 
Senior Teacher (Chinese) 

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 Lim Peck Yian
 Ma Yuexia Goh Hui Chua Tan Kim Soo
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 Zhou YeFeng Chan Bee YanKoh Sok LingMoh Lee Fair
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Gan Yee Hwee
Fionn Ong Jia Xin


ML/TL Members


Hairudin Bin Djorimi