Student Council

The Nanyang Junior College Student Council represents the main medium of communication between the school management and the student body. It seeks to ensure that the voice of every NYJCian is heard and that their well-being is taken care of. The Student Council also plays a major role in overseeing various student activities and initiatives that serve the collective interests of the school and the students. To facilitate the achievement of this objective, the Student Council is divided into three distinct committees; namely, Student Affairs (SA), Welfare (WELCO) as well as College Image and Bonding (CIB) Committees.

The seven-member Executive Committee forms the policy-making and leadership body of the Council and is made up of the President, three Vice-Presidents and the Heads of the three committees. The President and Vice-Presidents ensure that all programmes and events helmed by the Student Council are in line with College’s mission and values.

The Student Affairs Committee acts as the link between the school leaders and the student body. One of the services provided by SA Committee would be blazer borrowing. They are also involved in hosting the yearly Principal Dialogue as well as coordinating the management of Student Lounge.

The Welfare Committee provides services aimed at improving the quality of life for all NYJCians. WELCO is responsible for Night Study Programme and J2 Well Wishes. Overall, WELCO, provides a sense of support and encouragement among NYJCians.

The College Image and Bonding Committee plans and holds college-wide events and activities aimed at bringing the members of the college together as well as fostering a stronger college spirit. The committee is also at the forefront of many college publicity campaigns such as heynanyang Instagram page. CIB is also involved in A-div cheering, College Merchandise and Friendship Day.

Major committees are set up to organize major college events such as J1 Orientation and the recruitment of the next batch of councillors. Ad hoc committees are set up to organise smaller-scale college events. These Ad hoc committees help to run events such as Teachers’ Day, Halloween and The NYght. Each councillor will have to be a part of a main committee, an ad hoc committee and a major committee.

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