Symphonic Band

The Nanyang Junior College Symphonic Band (NYJCSB) has grown in strength to become the strong ensemble it is today. Since 2013, NYJCSB has been awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the biennale SYF Arts Presentations.

The band believes in bringing out the musicality in every member and has taken part in several concerts, public performances both locally and internationally. The band was part of the Esplanade’s Limelight series in 2011.

The band holds a biennial concert, Aureus Experentia, with the aim of allowing the band members to showcase their talent to their families and friends. In addition, the band took part in ‘Roots’, the inaugural alumni band concert in 2019.

The band organizes various overseas music exchange trips to places such as Taiwan and Thailand. During the trips, the band members received first-hand experiences of different cultures and gained a better insight of music styles from around the world.

Together with our Band Director, Mr Gavilan Neo and teachers-in-charge, the Nanyang Junior College Symphonic Band will continue striving for excellence in music.

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