Nanyang Junior College Zhong Zheng Ren Scholarship

1.         Nanyang Junior College believes in nurturing a wide spectrum of strengths and talents in students, and is committed to providing opportunities for our students to take ownership of their growth and achieve their individual potential. The Nanyang Junior College Zhong Zheng Ren Scholarship aims to inspire our students to pursue their passions and develop their talents while building their character.

2.         Every year, the scholarship would recognise up to 10 JC1 students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in aesthetics, sports, community and/or leadership, or have shown great resilience. Each scholarship has a cash award of $1,000. Scholarship recipients are encouraged to initiate projects for the college or the community. The scholarship is open to all JC1 students starting from 2022.

3.         The criteria for the scholarship is as follows

    • NYJC JC1 students
    • Good character and academic performance
    • Outstanding achievements in any of the following domains
      • Aesthetics
      • Sports
      • Community
      • Leadership
      • Resilience
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