The Drum (Media Resource Library)

The NYJC library is known as The Drum. It is a student-centred organisation that aims to invigorate the reading scene and to inspire the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

The Drummers (NYJC student librarians), besides taking care of basic library duties such as the normal housekeeping of the library, also go on book-buying trips to continually stock The Drum with the latest books.

Beyond the basics, however, The Drum strives to be a hub of activities that engage the student body, with events organized all year round. Past major events include MYSTERY 240, NIGHTLIGHT, TELEFIESTA and SPORTS FANTASIA. Throughout the year, minor events are initiated as well to create a constant buzz at the Drum. From monthly quizzes like Magazine Word Search to The Drum’s very own Monthly Movie Screening and flea markets, drummers get to exercise their creativity in proposing and initiating new ideas to put forth to the student population.
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