ECG Programmes

In line with the MOE ECG framework, ECG programmes in NYJC are designed based on the themes of career identity, career exploration and career planning. Our guiding principles when designing ECG programmes are:

1.       Meeting student needs

All ECG programmes are tailored according to the needs of our students. During the planning stage, student surveys play an important part in guiding the programme content. For example, when planning for our career seminar, students will be surveyed on the type of career talks they are interested in attending.  

2.       Adopting a whole college approach

The college involves many stakeholders in ECG. Besides civic tutors who are trained to deliver ECG lessons and handle ECG conversations, student representatives are also trained to champion ECG within their own class.

3.       Developing network and bonds

Developing bonds and network ties with external organisations, parents and alumni is key to a successful ECG programme. Not only does the school value its long term partnerships with external organisations, it also actively reaches out to parents and alumni to participate and spearhead ECG programmes.

NY ECG Programmes



As part of our holistic approach in educating NYJCians on future career and education options, NYJC hosts EDspiration – an annual event that invites speakers from various institutes of higher learning and industries to share about their professions and university courses with the JC2 students. EDspiration caters to two main needs of our students – exploring options for higher education and examining career opportunities. Speakers from various industries have been invited to provide insights into their respective professions. Among the invited speakers were Ms Lynn Lee (Awfully Chocolate), Mr Daniel Ong (Twelve Cupcakes), Mr Josephus Tan (Fortis Law) and Ms Sylvia Chan (Night Owl Cinematics). They spoke about their personal experiences in their respective fields and addressed students’ queries and concerns. In addition, representatives from the various local universities (NUS, NTU, SMU, SUTD, SIT and SUSS) are also regularly invited to EDspiration. The speakers talk about the diverse selection of courses that students can choose from and their respective prerequisites, as well as research and overseas exchange programmes offered by the various universities. Information on scholarships is also provided by representatives from organisations like Ministry of Health Holdings and Ministry of Education.


The EDubuzz programme is a series of lunch time talks where representatives from local and overseas institutions like British Council and EducationUSA are invited to share about higher education programmes and prepare students on application procedures to their desired tertiary institutions. Annually, workshops like personal statement writing and interview preparation are conducted to equip students with skills that allow them to transit smoothly into university.


EDspirience is an NYJC Work Attachment Programme which allows students to explore and discover their career aspirations through work experience. Many established organisations such as the Singapore Academy of Law and Tan Tock Seng Hospital have partnered the college in this endeavour. Through the work attachment programme, our students learn valuable work ethics and pick up important transferable skills from their workplace supervisors and colleagues.


EDventure is an experiential learning platform for students. Through EDventure, students are encouraged to take part in educational journeys to higher learning institutes and participate in workshops conducted by these institutes. Through these activities, students can experience university life and pick up a new skill at the same time. Some of the programmes that our students have participated in include programming workshops conducted by NUS, accountancy camps in SMU, science and engineering workshops in NTU and Design workshops in SUTD.

ECG Portal

This one-stop portal ( is designed for NYJC students exclusively. In this portal, students can further explore their career options, local and overseas higher education options, find work attachment opportunities and link up with alumni who have done well.

Other initiatives

ECG counselling

The college has an in-house ECG counsellor, Mr Shaun Han, who gives individualised attention to students and guides them in affirming their career aspirations. He also conducts workshops for teachers and equips them with basic skills on ECG counselling and provides up-to-date information on job and higher education trends.

Teacher training

Teachers are trained to conduct ECG lessons as well as carry out ECG conversations with students. They are kept informed about current higher education and job trends. During professional development sessions, teachers are also provided with resources in writing references and guided on how best to use them.

Alumni and Parent involvement

Parents are invited to a yearly dialogue session with the universities to clarify doubts about university applications. The college also welcomes parents’ participation in EDspiration either as career speakers or audience. In addition, the college works closely with a growing network of alumni members who return to NYJC to conduct workshops or talks to inspire their juniors to explore various career opportunities.

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